The Grenade of Saint John of God

Map Discover and get to know 16th century Granada with one of its most universal and emblematic characters: San Juan de Dios.
In this special and monographic route, we will discover relevant and emotional facts of the biography of Juan de Dios, linked to the most representative places of the Carolinian and multicultural Granada of the sixteenth century.
A central street, two hospitals, a basilica, a museum, commemorative plaques, sculptural monuments and numerous works of art, remind us of the importance and significance of the life and work of San Juan de Dios through the streets of Renaissance Granada.



The route consists of two circuits of three hours duration respectively. Circuit 1: from September to January. Circuit 2: from February to June.</p> <p>

Minimum 13 people

CIRCUITO 1: from Plaza Santa Ana to Puerta Real por el río Genil.

Casa de los Pisa -> Plaza Santa Ana -> Cuesta de Santa Inés -> Plaza Nueva -> Cuesta de Gomérez -> Calle de la Colcha -> Casa de los Tiros -> Campo del Príncipe -> Río Genil -> Palacio de Bibataubín -> Puerta Real


CIRCUITO 2: from Plaza del Carmen to Hospital Real por la Catedral .

Calle Zacatín -> Alcaicería -> Calle Tundidores -> Plaza Bibrambla -> Plaza Alonso Cano -> Calle Lucena -> Casa de los Vargas -> Calle San Jerónimo -> Hospital San Juan de Dios -> Basílica de San Juan de Dios -> Puerta Elvira -> Jardines del Triunfo -> Hospital Real

A guided route of high quality and rigor in its contents that will surprise by its high experiential character.


Price per person: 12 €. – Minimum 13 people

Prices for groups or private route: to consult. Both circuits can be made in the same day.

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