Carthusian Monastery

Map Viajes San Cecilio offers an interesting pedagogical consisting of guided tours that incorporate initiatives and learning experiences for students of Elementary and Secondary Education for the educational community. The aim is to get a heritage interpretation for understanding art as a set of ideas, emotions, feelings and values and awaken in students their own personal experiences and the development of imagination and creativity. Include two parts: the actual tour that includes games and activities(gymkhanas, costume trunk, puzzles...) and is supported by an educational student-book and subsequent proposals for competition (essays, drawings, creations...) to help assimilate all contemplated.

The trio consists of:Claustro and surrounding rooms - Chapel


  • Price per student: 10 €

    • Meal: We offer the possibility of arranging lunch at open-air bar (<em>migas</em> or <em>papas a lo pobre</em> and eggs, etc.) in accordance with school’s wishes (price not included)

      • Transport: We offer the possibility of arranging transport (price not included)

      • Duration: Half day

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